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After a tooth is removed or you have had missing teeth for a certain period of time, the bone in the jaw can start to deteriorate. The socket that once supported the teeth will start to shrink and you may develop an indentation in the gums as a result of tooth or bone loss.

Ridge Augmentation in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Montreal

Ridge augmentation is a very effective procedure for restoring the natural contours of the gums and bone. After a tooth has been extracted, the jaw bone can start to deteriorate. The height and width of the socket will start to shrink and affect the shape of the gums and bone.

Restoring the natural contours of the gums and bone is often recommended for aesthetic and not medical reasons. A large depression in the gums can trap bacteria and food, and this can cause oral health issues throughout your lifetime. The ridge augmentation procedure works by increasing the amount of gum and bone tissue in the areas that have experienced loss and can also be effective for preparing the area for a dental implant.

The Procedure

Dr. Yazbeck, general dentist can perform two types of ridge augmentation procedures: soft tissue procedures and hard tissue procedures. In some cases, both types of procedures are performed at the same time.

Soft tissue augmentation is typically performed to improve the esthetics of the treatment site and involves making a small incision to expose the site and performing a soft tissue graft. Hard tissue augmentation is performed to recreate the bone contours before dental implants or other tooth replacement procedures. If you have had some degree of bone loss, this procedure involves lifting away some of the gum tissue to expose the bone and then placing the grafted material around the areas with bone loss. In both procedures, the area is closed with sutures to ensure optimal healing. The healing process typically takes between four to six months.

Ridge augmentation can help to restore the oral environment once teeth are lost and bone loss has occurred. If you have bone loss and think you may be a candidate for the ridge augmentation procedure, schedule a consultation in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Montreal, with Dr. Yazbeck, general dentist today!

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